Marchfest 2012 Brewery Lineup

Dead Good Beer Events has announced the participating breweries for next year’s Marchfest, scheduled for 24 March 2012. Fourteen of the region’s craft brewers and cider makers will be making brand new brews for the event.

The theme for the event is “Special Ingredient”. Brewers have been asked to temporarily throw the famous Bavarian Beer Purity Law out of the window, by choosing a secret added ingredient (other than water, hops, yeast or barley) for their Marchfest brew.

Breweries presenting a new creation are Townshend Brewery, The Mussel Inn, Monkey Wizard, WestCoast Brewing, Dead Good Beer, Founders, Lighthouse, Golden Bear, Totara, Renaissance, Sprig and Fern and McCashin’s.

Cider makers Peckham’s and Old Mout will also be sending special creations.

Epic Larger Launch Parties

New Zealand’s Epic Brewing is having a series of parties to launch their new Larger Imperial Pilsner, and also to celebrate their 6th birthday. All the parties are scheduled for 5-7 pm:

8 December – Pomeroy’s in Christchurch

15 December – O’Carroll’s Free House in Auckland

22 December – House on Hood in Hamilton


Tap Battle Brewing

Asahi owned, ironically named Independent Liquors announced this week that they are moving into draught beer sales. The new kegging line should be running by the end of the year. Independent will be pushing its international brands, including Tuborg and Kingfisher, along side their Boundary Road Brewery craft range. The aim is to disrupt the influence of the big two players and open more taps up to competition. All small producers stand to benefit as the market opens to a mix of tap brands.

The Monkey Wizard is Making History

When asked about their upcoming releases, we learned from Mat at Monkey Wizard that “Steampunk #2 is on the way, made with Ambergris, a world first no less!” For those who don’t know, Ambergris is a whale product more normally associated with perfume.

They have also bottled the wild fermented Pomona Traditionale cider recently, made from 100% local organic cider apples

These two will be sold from the brewery starting in November.