New Zealand Hops are a Point of Difference

Cigar City Brewing in Tampa Florida is making a special beer for a community radio station fund raiser/festival on May 12. It is an American Wheat, and features New Zealand’s own Kohatu hops, a new variety with limited supplies.

Here is a clip of their brewer Wayne Wambles talking about the hop and the beer:

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Kohatu also features in Taias Wild Harvest, a fresh hop pale ale on at Golden Bear at the moment.

Epic Brewing Releases Zythos

Zythos Beer from Epic Brewing

Zythos from Epic Brewing

Luke Nicholas of Epic Brewing can’t get enough hops. Literally. American aroma hops are all the rage in the craft brewing scene, and key varieties tend to be scarce. The good news is that Hop Union, the US hop collective, has released its third proprietary blend to hold the market until those new plants start producing.

Luke has gotten a stash of Zythos and brewed a beer to showcase the blend of commercial and experimental hops. Its a dry IPA, light amber, and come in at 6% ABV.

Zythos the beer is full of Zythos the hop blend. Though the green labeling might make you think of Ireland, the pine and citrus notes will take you straight to the States. The full on flavour and lingering bitterness should satisfy those hop cravings, though Zythos hops are not going to cure any heavy Simcoe addiction.

Great Kiwi Beer Fest Tickets Going Fast

The newest beer festival on the block, the Great Kiwi Beer Fest ( in Christchurch next week, has had unexpectedly high pre-sales. The VIP Experience tickets, which include a General Admission ticket and entrance to the VIP area with a complimentary bar and BBQ, have already sold out. In addition, the original 8,000 general admission ticket allotment gone, and another two thousand have been extended. If you are planning to go, best get your tickets now!


Dale’s Brewing Sells Out

Dale’s Brewing Company has sold out the keg portion of their first batch of beers. With the next brew scheduled for February, fans will have to rely on bottled product until batch two arrives. (Dale may have kept back a supply for upcoming festivals, but the kegs in the commercial market have all been sold.)

Sprig&Fern Wellington

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Just a month or so now until the new Sprig & Fern opens in Wellington. They are posting updates on the construction on their FaceBook page, and have already created a page in their website.

This is a bit of a stretch from their successful business model to date, so everyone is watching to see how it plays out. Hopefully it’s a huge success, followed by many a copycat.