NZ Did Alright at AIBA

Parrot Dog Champion Small Brewery at AIBAOfficial results have been released, and NZ is bringing home 6 of the 28 Champion and Major trophies awarded at the Austrialian International Beer Awards, the biggest annual beer competition in the world. Not bad, since several categories are specifically for Australian beers and we were competing against over 1,700 submissions by 344 companies from 35 countries.

Brewers Guild of New Zealand chairman Bob King said “This is a golden era for New Zealand brewing and once again we’ve shown that our breweries are among the best in the world.”

Once again, Kiwis snagged the hotly contested City of Ballarat Trophy for Champion International Small Brewery – this time the champs are Wellington’s Parrot Dog Brewery (Blenheim’s Renaissance Brewing won the title in 2013 and 2014). The Matts also picked up RASV Trophy for Best Reduced/Low Alcohol for ClippedWing. The industry consensus is that it couldn’t have gone to nicer, harder working guys.

Lion Beer Spirits Wine had the best single beer, with Speight’s 5 Malt Old Dark claiming ExpoNet Trophy for Champion International Beer as well as the Cryermalt Trophy for Best Amber/Dark Ale.

While winner of the highly coveted Kegstar Trophy for Best IPA was Epic Brewing with Armageddon IPA.

Last but not least, Spiegelau Trophy for Best Stout: Monteith’s Velvet Stout from DB Draught Brewery.

And those were just the trophies. Kiwis will also be lugging home no fewer than 121 Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. See the full list of NZ winners. (For the full competition results visit the AIBA page.)

Join the celebrations by raising a New Zealand beer tonight!

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