Don’t Miss These New Releases

A stream of new beers are flowing onto the market right now. Many are small run limited releases, so don’t miss out!

Emerson's TribulationEmerson’s Tribulation – Limited Release

Emerson’s will be releasing just 100 cases of Tribulation – a pinot noir barrel aged Imperial Stout. Cellar Master Jo Scott says, “If you’d like to pre-order and secure your stash, we suggest you get in touch by emailing”. If any is left, it will be available at the cellar door in a few weeks. (If you are a Facebook member, you can watch for special releases here: but you must be logged in, due to age restrictions on the page.)

Tracy Banner with fresh hopsSprig&Fern 2015 Motueka Pilsner – Limited Release

Using Motueka hops grown Upper Moutere that are freshly picked in the morning and into the brew by lunchtime the same day, Motueka Pilsner has a quite tasty, bold passionfruit character. Brewer Tracy Banner says, “The beer has a crisp Pilsner finish and a wonderful hop bouquet – a reflection of fresh Nelson hops at their very best.” Find a tavern near you:

Hop Federation 2015 Barrel Aged StoutHop Federation 2015 Barrel Aged Stout – Limited Release

This second annual release of Barrel Aged Stout has been sent out in kegs only until mid June when they will release bottle conditioned stock. Owner Simon Nicholas says, “Hopefully there’s enough to go around as we’ve managed to produce 12 barrels this year compared to only 2 last year.”

Epic AwakeningEpic Awakening Pils

In his usual direct style, owner Luke Nicholas states, “Awakening Pils is a beer for those beer drinkers that haven’t ventured far from their ice cold green bottled lagers. An easy, welcoming and somewhat familiar first step in the direction of drinking beer that actually has some flavour.” And he gives a warning to Epic drinkers that it’s not meant to be a hop bomb – Larger this ain’t. It is a fresh fruity clean drinker. Look for it from 2 June.

Epic ApocalypseEpic Apocalypse IPA – Limited Release

Hop lovers never fear, Epic has also re-released Apocalypse as a winter seasonal Black IPA (or Cascadian Dark Ale) with a single batch in 2015. As the label says, “Face punchingly aromatic…with a lingering hoppy bite.” If you like this style, grab it while you can.

Again, Facebook members can watch for Epic updates if logged in:

Sriracha_StoutRogue Sriracha Hot Stout – Limited Release

And from the US, Rogue Sriracha Hot Stout goes on sale this weekend. Some folks are down on Rogue for becoming too gimmicky, but you cannot deny the beauty and fun of a collaboration like this. So what is it? Here’s the pitch “Made from Huy Fong original hot chili sauce and sun ripened Rogue Farms ingredients, is ready to drink with soups, sauces, pasta, pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, chow mein, or anything you’d like to wash down with a spicy kick.” Love it or hate it, NZ is pretty lucky to get this beer, since the hugely popular hot sauce rarely makes it this far. Check for a location near you for launch events on Saturday 30 May:

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