June Craft Beer & Curry Nights at The MK

Nelson’s The Monaco Kitchen is trying out a creative new way to promote local craft beers matched with their menu. For the month of June, each Wednesday night at 6:30 pm they will be hosting a brewer and serving curries with a guided tasting of their beers.

The schedule for Craft Beer & Curry Nights is:

3 June 6:30 PM McCashins Brewery

10 June 6:30 PM Hop Federation Brewery

17 June 6:30 PM Dale’s Brewing

24 June 6:30 PM The Mussel Inn

For $39 you get to taste the beers, and your choice of curry (each curry night will feature seafood, a chicken, a red meat and a vegetarian curry option) and a side dish.

To book, email eat@tmk.co.nz or phone 03 547 0792.

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