American Beers: Sierra Nevada Celebration 2012

Mini Review #2

Sierra Nevada Celebration was always one of Fritz’s favourite seasonals, dating back to when there were only four or five available at the local store. Anchor always put out something interesting, and the large bottle was great for social gatherings, but Celebration brought a balance and hops and even aged pretty nicely. Beers now days regularly exceed Celebration in hoppiness and alcohol.

Here goes:

Why we bought it – tradition and nostalgia. It is an elder statesman amongst winter warmers, pretty much an American IPA, when most of the market was perfecting their ambers.

Why we like it – It is the classic combination of cascade and centennial hops, and a crisp bitterness. Not as much sweet malt as we remember, especially after the Mission IPA. It is now marketed as a fresh hop ale, and the thinner? body definitely lets the hops shine through. Chewy pine notes finish it off, and 6.8% will put a bit of colour in your cheeks.

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