Great Kiwi Beer Fest Tickets Going Fast

The newest beer festival on the block, the Great Kiwi Beer Fest ( in Christchurch next week, has had unexpectedly high pre-sales. The VIP Experience tickets, which include a General Admission ticket and entrance to the VIP area with a complimentary bar and BBQ, have already sold out. In addition, the original 8,000 general admission ticket allotment gone, and another two thousand have been extended. If you are planning to go, best get your tickets now!



Great Kiwi Beer Fest Tickets Going Fast — 3 Comments

  1. We are responsible drinkers and would like to take our own food in? Will we be allowed? I know there will be stalls but we have many food intolerances to account for, which is why it is easier to make our own.

    • Hopefully you made it the festival website and were able to answer your question. They didn’t allow any food or beverages into the festival. It is pretty common as it protects the business interests of the vendors and limits a security issue. They were allowing re entry, so that might have been an option. Hopefully you had a good time. We here at beer.brewzone will have our coverage soon.

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