Founder’s Smoke on the Porter

Founder’s Brewery in Nelson has just released their Smoke on the Porter, which is somewhat obviously a smoked porter. We are happy to see that the Duncans are still experimenting, given the current precariousness of having the business on the market.

According to owner John Duncan, this seasonal beer falls under the JR Duncan and Sons line, taking advantage of the wider range of ingredients available outside of the purely organic Founder’s range. This allowed them to bring in the Weyermann rauch malt, a subtly flavoured pale smoked German grain.

Matt Duncan developed the recipe and is happy with the results, though he would have preferred it a touch drier. His dad, John, argued that “If it had been much drier it could have been a bit too intense” for most of their clientele. We found the beer to be quite pleasant and complex, with a very subtle smokiness in a mild brown porter. With Arts Fest on in Founder’s Park, we will have an excuse to go back and try it on hand-pump on Friday.

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